Vulnerability Notes Database Help

Field Descriptions

To make the most effective use of the information contained in the vulnerability notes database, you need to know exactly what each field means. The field description help page explains how we complete each field, its format, and other information about the field. For example, it explains how we score CVSS metrics, what we mean by "date public", and the difference between a vendor statement and an addendum.

Customizing Searches

You can search the vulnerability notes database for documents using a full-text index. Simply supply one or more keywords through the advanced search form. Using the detailed help, you can customize the number of results or their sort order. The detailed help page also provides suggestions for getting the most out of the search engine and explains some of the technical details affecting searches.

Customizing Views

The standard views (by vulnerability ID, by name, etc.) provide some configuration options as well. You can specify which document should be listed first and how many documents should appear on a page. These options are described in the help page for customizing views.