Vulnerability Notes Database View Help

The views used to browse vulnerability notes can be customized in several ways. In particular, you can customize the number of entries displayed per page and the first document displayed on the page. While the page forward and page backward buttons at the bottom of page usually supply reasonable defaults, you may wish to bookmark views with larger or smaller page sizes.

View URL format

The general format of a view URL is:


The start and count arguments control the first document and the number of documents per page. Both arguments take numeric values.

For example, to obtain the ten most recently updated vulnerability notes, you could use a URL like "/vuls/byupdate?open&start=1&count=10". The next twenty can be found at "/vuls/byupdate?open&start=11&count=20". The normal page forward and page backward buttons will retain your settings for page size and document start position.

The following views are available:

If you have questions or comments about customizing views, please let us know.