DeleGate Information for VU#150227

HTTP proxy default configurations allow arbitrary TCP connections


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

When DeleGate is running as a HTTP proxy server, it allows only port 443 and 564 as the destination port of the CONNECT method, by default. When DeleGate relays a request with a header, it removes malformed header fields like "RCPT To:..." for example (illegal space in this case). And when DeleGate is relaying to a non-HTTP but privileged port, it tries to detect greeting message from non-HTTP server before relaying a request to it. If the server returns non-HTTP response like "220 ready" within a specified time period, then the request is rejected without forwarded to the server. These mechanisms have been available since 1999 (after DeleGate version 6).

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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Please see the Access control section of the DeleGate manual.

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