Legion of the Bouncy Castle Information for VU#577193

POODLE vulnerability in SSL 3.0


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

"Bouncy Castle Java APIs version 1.46, or later, offer the ability to access SSL v3 by overriding methods in order to allow support for it. By default SSL v3 support is turned off.

It is possible to see if a developer has created the necessary overrides by looking for overrides of the methods AbstractTlsClient.getMinimumVersion () or TlsClient.notifyServerVersion () in client code, and by looking for overrides of AbstractTlsServer.getMinimumVersion () or TlsServer.getServerVersion () in server code.

Bouncy Castle C# APIs version 1.8 (still in beta), also contains a TLS API, which follows the same profile as the Bouncy Castle Java APIs in respect to SSL v3. Support for “TLS Fallback Signaling Cipher Suite Value (SCSV) for Preventing Protocol Downgrade Attacks”, currently described at


has been added to both the Java and C# APIs to allow developers to prevent SSL v3 as anything but a worst case. We are planning to continue tracking the fallback document as it evolves and will include the results in the next releases of the Java and C# APIs (1.52 and 1.8 respectively)

For further enquiries in relation to this please contact us at office@bouncycastle.org."

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