Compaq Computer Corporation Information for VU#745371

Multiple vendor telnet daemons vulnerable to buffer overflow via crafted protocol options


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

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SOURCE: Compaq Computer Corporation
Compaq Services
Software Security Response Team USA

Compaq case id SSRT0745U

ref: potential telnetd option handling vulnerability

x-ref: TESO Security Advisory 06/2001
CERT CA2001-21 Advisory 07/2001

Compaq has evaluated this vulnerability to telnetd
distributed for Compaq Tru64/UNIX and OpenVMS Operating
Systems Software and has determined that telnetd is not
vulnerable to unauthorized command execution or
root compromise.

Compaq appreciates your cooperation and patience.
We regret any inconvenience applying this information
may cause.

As always, Compaq urges you to periodically review your system
management and security procedures. Compaq will continue to
review and enhance the security features of its products and work
with customers to maintain and improve the security and integrity
of their systems.

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Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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