Secure Computing Corporation Information for VU#333628

OpenSSH contains buffer management errors


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

Sidewinder(r) and Sidewinder G2 Firewall(tm) (including all appliances)

    Not Vulnerable.

    Sidewinder v5.x & Sidewinder G2 v6.x's embedded Type Enforcement(r) technology strictly limits the capabilities of Secure Computing's modified version of the OpenSSH daemon code integrated into the firewall's SecureOS operating system. Any attempt to exploit this vulnerability in the OpenSSH daemon code running on the firewalls results in an automatic termination of the attacker's connection and multiple Type Enforcement alarms.

Gauntlet(tm) & e-ppliance
    Not Vulnerable.

    Gauntlet and e-ppliance do not include SSH server software, and are thus immune to this vulnerability.

    Vendor Information

    The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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