Macromedia Information for VU#475645

Macromedia Flash plug-in contains buffer overflow



Vendor Statement

An issue has been discovered with the Macromedia Flash Player that shows a possible buffer overflow error when the player encounters a maliciously or incorrectly created SWF file. After an investigation, and consultation with the reporting engineer, Macromedia has determined the following:

  • The data being accessed is located entirely in a dynamically allocated structure in the heap space of the application.
  • The data access is limited to reading the information. At no time is the buffer in question ever written to. Neither the heap, nor the stack is written to during this processing, and at no time does this lead to the execution of arbitrary data as native instructions.
Given the above information, it is Macromedia's belief that the error in question, though unfortunate, does not constitute a significant security risk. The effects of this defect are limited to the crashing of the users client (denial of service).

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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