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Notified:  July 01, 2013 Updated: September 23, 2013



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Dell response to Vulnerability Note VU#920038 Overview This document addresses Vulnerability Note VU#920038. Description Administrative Web Interface in login page allows remote attackers to inject arbitrary web scripts or HTML via the vulnerable query string parameter .ErrorMsg Affected Products iDRAC6 “monolithic” (rack and towers) iDRAC7 all models NOTE: iDRAC6 “modular” (blades) are not affected Solution Apply an Update Firmware updates will be posted to when available Users should download the appropriate update for the version of iDRAC they have installed. iDRAC6 “monolithic” (rack and towers) – FW version 1.96; target release Q4CY13 iDRAC7 all models – FW version 1.46.45; target release date mid/late September 2013 NOTE: iDRAC6 “modular” (blades) are not affected; no update required Additional Information DRAC’s are intended to be on a separate management network; they are not designed nor intended to be placed on or connected to the internet. Doing so could expose the connected system to security and other risks for which Dell is not responsible. Along with locating DRACs on a separate management subnet, users should isolate the management subnet/vLAN with technologies such as firewalls, and limit access to the subnet/vLAN to authorized server administrators. © 2013 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. This response is for informational purposes only, and may contain typographical errors and technical inaccuracies. The content is provided as is, without express or implied warranties of any kind.

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