ANTlabs Affected

Notified:  March 03, 2015 Updated: March 26, 2015

Statement Date:   March 10, 2015



Vendor Statement

No statement is currently available from the vendor regarding this vulnerability.

Vendor Information

Devices containing affected firmware include: IG 3100 model 3100, model 3101 InnGate 3.00 E-Series, 3.01 E-Series, 3.02 E-Series, 3.10 E-Series InnGate 3.01 G-Series, 3.10 G-Series According to the ANTlabs Security Advisory, a software update addressing this vulnerability has been released. Users are encouraged to upgrade affected devices' software as soon as possible. Affected users may contact ANTlabs Support ( for more information or to obtain the software update.

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