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CERT Coordination Center

Vendor Statement Form

If you are following up with us regarding an existing CERT Tracking ID such as a VU#, please enter it here.
Please provide the primary contact email for security reports at this organization.
Optionally, if you would like to use PGP encrypted email, please include either your ASCII-armored PGP key or a URL to your key. CERT/CC will use this key for future correspondence.
Emails listed here will be carbon-copied on the message to the primary contact email.
If available, please provide a phone number where we can directly reach the security team at your organization.
Please provide the exact text of your statement here. This text will be published verbatim on our website as your Vendor Statement for the VU# you provided in the previous box. (10000 characters max.)
Comments in this box will be kept private and will not be included in any publication. (20000 characters max.)

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