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Adobe Flash Player fails to properly validate HTTP Referers

Vulnerability Note VU#138457

Original Release Date: 2007-07-12 | Last Revised: 2007-07-16


The Adobe Flash Player fails to properly validate HTTP Referers. This may allow an attacker to conduct cross-site request forgery attacks.


Adobe Flash Player is a player for the Flash media format and enables frame-based animations with sound to be viewed within a web browser. HTTP Referer Headers are defined in section 14.36 of RFC 2616:

The Referer[sic] request-header field allows the client to specify, for the server's benefit, the address (URI) of the resource from which the Request-URI was obtained (the "referrer", although the header field is misspelled.) The Referer request-header allows a server to generate lists of back-links to resources for interest, logging, optimized caching, etc. It also allows obsolete or mistyped links to be traced for maintenance. The Referer field MUST NOT be sent if the Request-URI was obtained from a source that does not have its own URI, such as input from the user keyboard.

Per Adobe Security Bulletin APSB 07-12, HTTP Referers are not sufficiently validated in Flash Player and earlier.


An attacker may be able to execute cross-site request forgery attacks.


Apply a patch

Updated versions of the affected software have been published to address this issue. Please see the Systems Affected section of this document for more information.

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Updated:  July 12, 2007



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The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.


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Thanks to Adobe for information that was used in this report. Adobe credits Daiki Fukumori of Secure Sky Technology, Inc for reporting the vulnerability.

This document was written by Ryan Giobbi.

Other Information

CVE IDs: CVE-2007-3457
Severity Metric: 4.32
Date Public: 2007-07-10
Date First Published: 2007-07-12
Date Last Updated: 2007-07-16 13:54 UTC
Document Revision: 13

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