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Apache Web Server ap_log_rerror() function discloses full path to CGI script

Vulnerability Note VU#165803

Original Release Date: 2002-07-11 | Last Revised: 2002-07-11


There is a vulnerability in Apache 2.0 through 2.035 that could disclose the real path to a CGI script or other file.


A vulnerability in the Apache web server could disclose sensitive information. Quoting from the Apache Change Log:

*) [Security] Added the APLOG_TOCLIENT flag to ap_log_rerror() to explicitly tell the server that warning messages should be sent to the client in addition to being recorded in the error log. Prior to this change, ap_log_rerror() always sent warning messages to the client. In one case, a faulty CGI script caused the server to send a warning message to the client that contained the full path to the CGI script. This could be considered a minor security exposure. [Bill Stoddard]

This vulnerability may disclose sensitive information.


Sensitive information may be disclosed.


if you are running version 2.0, upgrade to Apache 2.036 or later.

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Our thanks to the Apache group for their change log.

This document was written by Shawn V Hernan, based upon information in the Apache Change Log.

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CVE IDs: None
Severity Metric: 5.06
Date Public: 2002-05-06
Date First Published: 2002-07-11
Date Last Updated: 2002-07-11 21:16 UTC
Document Revision: 5

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