Vulnerability Note VU#182777

IBM AIX nslookup buffer overflow in lex routines

Original Release date: 26 Sep 2001 | Last revised: 26 Sep 2001


There is a problem with the nslookup program related to the handling of long strings.


This problem is reported to be the result of incorrect bounds checking on the part of the lex routines used in nslookup. This vulnerability is mentioned in an IBM advisory as being exploited by attackers.


The impact of this vulnerability is not clear. It may be possible for local attackers to gain root privileges on the vulnerable system.


Apply a Patch

IBM has released patches to correct this problem. For AIX version 4.3, system administrators should apply APAR#IX79909.

Systems Affected (Learn More)

VendorStatusDate NotifiedDate Updated
IBMAffected-26 Sep 2001
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This document was written by Cory F. Cohen.

Other Information

  • CVE IDs: Unknown
  • Date Public: 06 Jul 98
  • Date First Published: 26 Sep 2001
  • Date Last Updated: 26 Sep 2001
  • Severity Metric: 5.91
  • Document Revision: 2


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