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ReadyDesk contains multiple vulnerabilities

Vulnerability Note VU#294272

Original Release Date: 2016-08-16 | Last Revised: 2016-08-16


ReadyDesk, version 9.1 and possibly others, contains SQL injection, path traversal, hard-coded cryptographic key, and arbitrary file upload vulnerabilities that may be leveraged to expose sensitive data and execute arbitrary code in the context of the vulnerable software.


ReadyDesk is a help desk ticketing web application designed to facilitate business internal or business to customer interactions.

CWE-89: Improper Neutralization of Special Elements used in a SQL Command ('SQL Injection') - CVE-2016-5048

The user name field of http://<IP>/readydesk/chat/staff/default.aspx fails to properly escape single quote characters, or ', provided as field input. Through error-based, blind SQL injection attacks, a remote, unauthenticated attacker may obtain full database contents, including user passwords which are stored as SHA1 hashes.

CWE-22: Improper Limitation of a Pathname to a Restricted Directory - CVE-2016-5049

The SESID parameter of requests to http://<IP>/readydesk/chat/openattach.aspx is vulnerable to directory traversal and may be exploited to read arbitrary files on affected systems when combined with the FNAME parameter. For instance, to download SQL_Config.aspx, an attacker would make a request to:


CWE-321: Use of Hard-coded Cryptographic Key - CVE-2016-5683

SQL Server user credentials stored in SQL_Config.aspx are encrypted using a hard-coded cryptographic key found in ReadyDesk.dll. An attacker capable of obtaining the encrypted password can easily decrypt it for use in further attacks.

CWE-434: Unrestricted Upload of File with Dangerous Type - CVE-2016-5050

Files uploaded via http://<IP>/readydesk/chat/sendfile.aspx are not properly validated, allowing for arbitrary upload of files with a dangerous type. A remote, unauthenticated attacker could execute arbitrary code by uploading and making a request to a specially crafted aspx page.

The CVE score below describes CVE-2016-5050.


A remote, unauthenticated attacker can obtain sensitive database information, read arbitrary files, and execute arbitrary code in the context of the vulnerable software.


The CERT/CC is currently unaware of a practical solution to these problems. A vendor advisory for version 9.2 states that it contains "Critical Security Updates," though details are not provided and it is unknown whether any of the vulnerabilities described above are addressed.

Vendor Information


ReadyDesk Affected

Notified:  June 20, 2016 Updated: August 09, 2016



Vendor Statement

We have not received a statement from the vendor.

Vendor Information

We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

CVSS Metrics

Group Score Vector
Base 7.5 AV:N/AC:L/Au:N/C:P/I:P/A:P
Temporal 6.4 E:POC/RL:U/RC:UR
Environmental 4.8 CDP:ND/TD:M/CR:ND/IR:ND/AR:ND



Thanks to Andrew Tierney of Pen Test Partners for reporting these vulnerabilities.

This document was written by Joel Land.

Other Information

CVE IDs: CVE-2016-5048, CVE-2016-5049, CVE-2016-5683, CVE-2016-5050
Date Public: 2016-08-16
Date First Published: 2016-08-16
Date Last Updated: 2016-08-16 13:59 UTC
Document Revision: 21

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