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Cisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switch vulnerable to DoS via malformed UDP packets

Vulnerability Note VU#363374

Original Release Date: 2004-03-05 | Last Revised: 2004-07-29


Several models of the Cisco Content Services Switch contain a vulnerability in their management interface that allows an attacker to restart the switch, resulting in a denial of service attack.


The Cisco CSS 11000 Series Content Services Switches contain a vulnerability in their handling of malformed UDP packets. An attacker with access to the management port of an affected switch can send a UDP packet to the app-udp port (5002/udp) that will cause the switch to restart. This vulnerability affects CSS 11000 Series switches that run versions 5.0(x) and 6.10(x) of Cisco WebNS, a service that allows the CSS switch to be configured remotely using an HTML-based application.

Cisco reports that an attacker must have access to the management port of an affected switch, and that this interface is not accessible through other ports on the switch. Therefore, the attacker must have physical access to the switch or to an out-of-band management network that it is connected to. For further details, please see the Cisco Advisory.


Attackers with access to the management interface of an affected switch can restart it repeatedly, resulting in a denial of service.


Upgrade to a newer version of WebNS. For systems running version 5.0(x) of WebNS, upgrade to 05.0(04.07)S or later. For systems running version 6.10(x) of WebNS, upgrade to 06.10(02.05)S or later.

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Cisco Systems Inc. Affected

Notified:  March 04, 2004 Updated: March 15, 2004



Vendor Statement

We have not received a statement from the vendor.

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.


Please refer to the Cisco Advisory.

If you have feedback, comments, or additional information about this vulnerability, please send us email.

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This vulnerability was reported by the Cisco Systems Product Security Incident Response Team (PSIRT).

This document was written by Damon Morda and Jeffrey P. Lanza.

Other Information

CVE IDs: None
Severity Metric: 1.86
Date Public: 2004-03-04
Date First Published: 2004-03-05
Date Last Updated: 2004-07-29 13:27 UTC
Document Revision: 30

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