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Citrix Access Gateway appliances vulnerable to information disclosure

Vulnerability Note VU#555220

Original Release Date: 2007-01-29 | Last Revised: 2007-01-29


A vulnerability exists in Citrix Access Gateway appliances that may allow an attacker to access data and compromise the system.


Citrix Access Gateway products are universal SSL VPN appliances providing a secure, always-on, single point-of-access to an organization's applications and data. Some versions can be configured to have administrative and access control policy functions centralized in configurations using Advanced Access Control with an Access Gateway appliance. According to Citrix:

When using Advanced Access Control with an Access Gateway appliance, unauthenticated remote users may be able to gain access to data on the Access Gateway appliance. The information disclosed could potentially lead to a compromise of the appliance.

This vulnerability affects the following products:
• Access Gateway 4.5 Advanced Edition
• Access Gateway 4.2 with Advanced Access Control 4.2 (currently known as Access Gateway 4.2 Advanced Edition)
When deployed with:
• Access Gateway appliance 4.2
• Access Gateway appliance 4.2.1
• Access Gateway appliance 4.2.2
Access Gateway appliances deployed without Advanced Access Control are not vulnerable to this issue.


A remote, unauthenticated attacker may be able to gain access to sensitive data from an affected device. This information disclosure could supplement additional attacks and potentially lead to a compromise of the affected device.


Apply an Update

Citrix has released product updates that address this issue. Please see Citrix document CTX111695 for further information.

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Citrix Affected

Updated:  January 24, 2007



Vendor Statement

We have not received a statement from the vendor.

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.


Please see Citrix document CTX11695 for further information.

If you have feedback, comments, or additional information about this vulnerability, please send us email.

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This issue was reported in Citrix document CTX111695. Citrix thanks Thierry Zoller and Laurent Kempenaar for reporting the issue.

This document was written by Katie Steiner.

Other Information

CVE IDs: CVE-2006-6573
Date Public: 2006-11-15
Date First Published: 2007-01-29
Date Last Updated: 2007-01-29 13:52 UTC
Document Revision: 8

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