Openwall GNU/*/Linux Information for VU#738331

Domain Name System (DNS) resolver libraries vulnerable to read buffer overflow



Vendor Statement

Openwall GNU/*/Linux's glibc package was affected. As a workaround, we have applied the patch by Olaf Kirch of SuSE which limits the return value from res_send(3) to be no greater than the provided answer buffer size. This approach has the advantage of reducing the problem for poorly written third-party applications, including those which aren't a part of our distribution. At the same time, checks have also been added to avoid some potential reads beyond end of undersized DNS responses as pointed out by Dmitry V. Levin of ALT Linux. This change will be documented in the system-wide change log:

The BIND 4.9.x Openwall patch (which adds a number of security-related features) has been updated to the upcoming 4.9.10 release and will be made available at:

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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