Secure Computing Corporation Information for VU#738331

Domain Name System (DNS) resolver libraries vulnerable to read buffer overflow


Not Affected

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Not Vulnerable

As part of Sidewinder(tm)'s defense in depth architecture, DNS queries are sandboxed by SecureOS(tm)'s patented Type Enforcement technology. Faults in the resolver library cannot cause a comprimise of the Sidewinder(tm). However, since a Bind 8 caching server can still pass this attack along to vulnerable resolvers, Sidewinder(tm) users who wish to protect vulnerable resolvers behind their firewall from attack should upgrade to version, which replaces Bind 8 with Bind 9.

Customers should contact Customer Service to obtain version

Gauntlet and e-ppliance

Both Gauntlet Software and Gauntlet e-ppliance utilize the Bind version that ships with Solaris 8. Please see Solaris 8 response to this vulnerability to assess applicability of any potential DOS risk. Secure Computing will test and make recommendations to customers regarding any potential software changes, if any, published by Sun Microsystems.

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The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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