WatchGuard Information for VU#328867

Multiple vendors' firewalls do not adequately keep state of FTP traffic



Vendor Statement

After analyzing the FTP issue described in VU#3328867, WatchGuard's Rapid Response team found that WatchGuard's Firebox Model II and III families of products are not affected. However, WatchGuard SOHO products running firmware v5.1.6 and earlier, as well as WatchGuard Vclass/RSSA products using v3.2 SP1 and earlier, are susceptible to this type of attack. WatchGuard has released patches for both the Vclass and SOHO products to correct this vulnerability.

    • For WatchGuard SOHO Users: SOHO firmware v5.1.7 and SOHO 6 firmware v6.0.14, both released in September, correct this FTP vulnerability. Registered LiveSecurity users can download these firmware upgrades from our LiveSecurity Web site.
    • For WatchGuard Vclass and Legacy RSSA Users: Hotfix 1 for WatchGuard Vclass v3.2 SP1, released in July, corrects this vulnerability. However, we recommend Vclass and Legacy RSSA users download the Hotfix 2 to correct this issue (Hotfixes are cumulative). Registered LiveSecurity users can download this firmware upgrade from our LiveSecurity Web site. Legacy RSSA users should obtain Hotfix 2 from our Legacy RSSA software download center.

      Vendor Information

      The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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