Secure Computing Corporation Information for VU#104280

Multiple vulnerabilities in SSL/TLS implementations



Vendor Statement

Sidewinder(r) and Sidewinder G2 Firewall(tm) (including all appliances)

Sidewinder v5.x and Sidewinder G2 v6.x are not vulnerable to the arbitrary code execution attacks described in this advisory. The Sidewinder's embedded Type Enforcement technology strictly limits the capabilities of each component which implements SSL. Any attempt to exploit this vulnerability in the SSL library code running on the firewall results in an automatic termination of the attacker's connection and multiple Type Enforcement alarms.

Any component attacked by the denial of service (DOS) attacks described in this advisory is automatically restarted by the firewall's watchdog process without interuption of any active connections. However, under some circumstances this DOS could cause a delay in managing the firewall.

To mitigate this inconvenience, customers should contact Secure Computing Customer Support.

Gauntlet(tm) & e-ppliance

Gauntlet and e-ppliance do not include any components based on OpenSSL, and are thus immune to these vulnerabilities.

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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