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Microsoft SQL Server 2000 contains stack buffer overflow in SQL Server Resolution Service


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

MonTel is a Telephone call accounting system with a server and clients for use
on a computer network. A default installation of MonTel is not vulnerable to
the 'Slammer' worm since it only installs MSDE 1.0. (MonTel is also provided
with the MS Jet engine for use on small work groups, though this is being
phased out in favour of MSDE.)
MonTel can, however, also be used on a pre-existing MS SQL Server 2000, which
is vulnerable. SQL 2000 should be fully secured and the latest patches applied.
Details of this can be found at:

For MSDE 1.0 we recommend that MonTel sites apply the Service Pack 4 patch for
Microsoft SQL 7.0 which is used to also patch MSDE 1.0 and the SQL Server 7.0
Security Update for Service Pack 4. More detail on where to find these, and
other information can be found on the Netwiz web site at

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The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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