Axis Information for VU#922681

Portable SDK for UPnP Devices (libupnp) contains multiple buffer overflows in SSDP



Vendor Statement

Axis products included version 1.6.17 (or earlier) of the libupnp library. UPnP is enabled by default and is mainly used for discovery and NAT configuration. All releases prior to 5.50.2 are affected by this vulnerability except for the AXIS P135x-series where the correction was released in the latest 5.40.19.

Vendor Information

All Axis products running firmware verisons prior to 5.5x are potentially affected.

Axis included the latest version 1.6.18 of UPnP in order to address the vulnerability and it will be available in release 5.50.2 or later. For prior releases, users are recommended to turn off UPnP (Available under System Options/Network/UPnP)

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