Parallels Holdings Ltd Information for VU#935424

Virtual Machine Monitors (VMM) contain a memory deduplication vulnerability



Vendor Statement

- Virtuozzo 6 (formerly Parallels Cloud Server 6) Virtual Machines are
not affected since our hypervisor does not utilize page sharing.
- Virtuozzo 6 Containers are affected through "pfcache" feature (enabled
by default), in the sense that from inside a Container you can find out
whether any other container on the host has (or ever had) the particular
application/file (of the particular version). We are considering this
information leak a minor issue, which comes as a price for memory
deduplication. We have no plans for fixing it. If this is considered a
major threat by user, then it could be mitigated by disabling the
"pfcache" functionality.

Vendor Information

We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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