Apache HTTP Server Project Information for VU#797896

CGI web servers assign Proxy header values from client requests to internal HTTP_PROXY environment variables



Vendor Statement

The Apache Software Foundation has discovered no examples of condition 2 described in the [redacted] report, and has determined there is no "vulnerability" per se in ASF software, which conform to both RFC822 (circa 1982) and CGI/1.1 defacto standard (circa 1995, superseded by CGI/1.1 IANA spec RFC 3875).

    Several ASF projects participate in HTTP requests in the manners described under condition 1. The list of projects that will offer one or more mitigations include but are not limited to;

    Apache HTTP Server (httpd) (Tracked as CVE-2016-5387)
    Apache Tomcat Server (Tracked as CVE-2016-5388)
    Apache Traffic Server (ATS) (Tracking is not applicable)

    Projects and subprojects impacted by the Apache HTTP Server mitigations will include mod_fcgid (Apache HTTP Project) and mod_perl (Apache Perl Project), as well as external projects such as mod_wsgi, all hopefully under CVE-2016-5387.

    Note specifically that any CVE related to mod_fcgi[d] must be ignored, as it duplicates CVE-2016-5387. We have not reached a conclusion on separate tracking that might be unique to mod_perl itself (thus far, it also appears to duplicate -5387.)

    Vendor Information

    We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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