CalAmp Inc. Information for VU#251927

CalAmp LMU-3030 devices may not authenticate SMS interface



Vendor Statement

CalAmp takes the security of our telematics devices very seriously. Our security commitment extends to providing customers with best-in-class security feature enhancements, and world-class applications support to combat any system level security vulnerabilities.

The CERT vulnerability note (VU#251927) highlights a potential vulnerability for customers who have chosen not to use passwords. These customers are advised to comply with the CERT recommended solutions including the use of passwords, and to update to the latest device firmware to take advantage of enhanced security features.

In addition to recommending the use of passwords and the use of security features that CalAmp builds into its products, CalAmp continually monitors the latest security trends and works with experts and authorities to ensure that we meet or exceed industry standards for protection.

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We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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