Secure Computing Corporation Information for VU#745371

Multiple vendor telnet daemons vulnerable to buffer overflow via crafted protocol options


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

The telnetd vulnerability referenced is not applicable to Sidewinder as a result of disciplined security software design practices in combination with Secure Computing's patented Type Enforcement(tm) technology. Sidewinder's telnetd services are greatly restricted due to both known and theoretical vulnerabilities. This least privilege design renders the attack described in the CERT-2001-21 Advisory useless. In addition, Sidewinder's operating system, SecureOS(tm), built on Secure's Type Enforcement technology, has further defenses against this attack that would trigger multiple security violations.

Specifically, the attack first attempts to start a shell process. Sidewinder's embedded Type Enforcement security rules prevent telnetd from replicating itself and accessing the system shell programs. Even without this embedded, tamper proof rule in place, other Type Enforcement rules also defend against this attack. As an example, the new shell would need administrative privileges and those privileges are not available to the telnetd services.

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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