Sun Microsystems Inc. Information for VU#405955

util-linux package vulnerable to privilege escalation when "ptmptmp" file is not removed properly when using "chfn" utility



Vendor Statement

This issue affects the following Sun Cobalt platforms:

Sun Cobalt RaQ
Sun Cobalt RaQ 2
Sun Cobalt RaQ 3
Sun Cobalt RaQ 4
Sun Cobalt RaQ 550
Sun Cobalt RaQ XTR
Sun Cobalt Cache RaQ series
Sun Cobalt Qube
Sun Cobalt Qube 2
Sun Cobalt Qube 3
Sun Cobalt Control Station

Sun Cobalt are generating patches for this issue presently which will be
available for download from:

A SunAlert will be published which details the issue and the patch
information which will be available from:

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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