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Wind River Systems VxWorks weak default hashing algorithm in standard authentication API (loginLib)


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Security Advisory Report - OBSO-1007-01

Wind River VxWorks: weak default hashing algorithm in standard authentication API (loginLib)

Creation Date: 2010-07-22
Last Update: 2010-07-22

Wind River has published a security advisory, which states, that the default hashing algorithm that is used in the standard authentication API for VxWorks is susceptible to collisions. An attacker can brute force a password by guessing a string that produces the same hash as a legitimate password.

Vulnerability Details
An attacker with a known username and access to a service (telnet, rlogin or FTP) that uses the standard authentication API (loginDefaultEncrypt (), part of loginLib) can brute force the password in a relatively short period of time. Since the hashing algorithm is susceptible to collisions, the actual password does not have to be found, just a string that produces the same hash. For instance, when the default 'target/password' login example is used, 'y{{{{{kS' hashes to the same string as 'password'. It is thus possible to login using both 'password' and 'y{{{{{kS' as the passwords for the user 'target'.

Because an attacker can brute force a correct password by guessing a string that produces the same hash and access the relevant service as a known user. Applications such as rlogin, telnet, and FTP rely on loginLib for security, and can be used to gain access to the device.

Affected Products
No products from Siemens Enterprise Communications are affected.

The following products include VxWorks as operating system, but none of them make use of the standard login library:

    • HiPath 4000
    • HiPath 3000 (HG 1500)
    • HiPath Wireless Convergence
    • optiPoint 410/420 HFA/SIP
    • RG 8700

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2010-07-22 Initial Release

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