Technicolor Information for VU#723755

WiFi Protected Setup (WPS) PIN brute force vulnerability



Vendor Statement

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Vendor Information

The vendor states that Technicolor products use an anti brute-force mechanism: after 5 retries, the access point is locked for 5 minutes. A penetration test performed by the vendor found that to exhaust every possible PIN would take around 189.44 hours (about 7.89 days).

Technicolor will follow the WiFi Alliance (WFA) recommendation concerning the fix for this vulnerability to keep WFA certification for their devices. Technicolor will implement the following:

Access point is locked after 10 faulty PIN code attempts. Then, the end-user resets the access point lock state via the GUI/CLI or a reboot of the access point.

Customers should contact the vendor to inquiry when firmware updates will be available that include this feature.

It is possible to disable WPS completely using the command line interface (when available) by issuing the following command:

    :wireless wps config state disabled

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