Sun Microsystems Inc. Information for VU#210409

Multiple FTP clients contain directory traversal vulnerabilities



Vendor Statement

We have investigated this directory traversal issue and do not think it is a bug.

The user has several means of protection against this issue.

1. By default prompting is turned on, so the user gets a chance to decide if they want a file returned by mget before it is downloaded. So files will not be overwritten without prompting the user.

2. When running as an ordinary user, Unix access controls will stop system files being over written. If a user must run as root, care needs to be taken which would include not turning off interactive mode.

3. The user may run the "runique" command to force the Solaris ftp client to avoid overwriting files that already exist.

The Solaris ftp mget behaviour is consistent with other BSD derived ftp clients, for example on Linux and FreeBSD. Changing the existing behaviour will cause problems.

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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