IBPhoenix Information for VU#247371

Borland/Inprise Interbase SQL database server contains backdoor superuser account with known password



Vendor Statement

The Firebird project uncovered serious security problems with InterBase. The problems are fixed in Firebird build 0.9.4 for all platforms. If you are running either InterBase V6 or Firebird 0.9.3, you should upgrade to Firebird 0.9.4.

These security holes affect all version of InterBase shipped since 1994, on all platforms.

For those who can not upgrade, Jim Starkey developed a patch program that will correct the more serious problems in any version of InterBase on any platform. IBPhoenix chose to release the program without charge, given the nature of the problem and our relationship to the community.

At the moment, name service is not set up to the machine that is hosting the patch, so you will have to use the IP number both for the initial contact and for the ftp download.

To start, point your browser at In the download instructions you receive, replace the (relatively) intelligible string "firebird.ibphoenix.com" with

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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