RadVision Information for VU#749342

Multiple vulnerabilities in H.323 implementations



Vendor Statement

Please see the NISCC Vulnerability Advisory 006489/H323 at http://www.uniras.gov.uk/vuls/2004/006489/h323.htm

Vendor Information

We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

Vendor References



Per NISCC Vulnerability Advisory 006489/H323 Rev 1.1:


The viaIP product line has been made invulnerable to the H.323 vulnerability test over the course of 2003. All the currently shipping versions of the product line elements (including the MCU, GW and ECS products) are immune to the test. The respective version numbers are:

MCU version 3.2 and above
GW version 2.01 and above
ECS version and above

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