BlueCat Networks, Inc. Information for VU#725188

ISC BIND 9 vulnerable to denial of service via dynamic update request



Vendor Statement

BlueCat Networks has incorporated the ISC patches related to the Dynamic Update
DDoS vulnerability (CVE-2009-0696, VU#725188) into the following versions of
the Adonis DNS/DHCP appliances:

Adonis v5.0.4  
Adonis v5.1.X  
Adonis v5.5.X  
Adonis v6.0.9

NB: Patches can be applied to any Minor version of Adonis which fall within the
versions listed above.

BlueCat is currently investigating making the patch available for older product
versions.  More information about the availability of updates can be found at

The patches can be obtained from BlueCat Networks Support, who can be contacted

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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