xpdf Information for VU#376500

Foolabs Xpdf contains a denial of service vulnerability



Vendor Statement

The vendor has stated they will stop using t1lib in their product and users should build Xpdf without t1lib.

To build Xpdf without t1lib, add the "--with-t1-library=no" flag to the
configure command:

./configure --with-t1-library=no .....

To double-check, run "xpdf --help". The "-freetype" option should be
listed, and the "-t1lib" option should NOT be listed. That indicates
that Xpdf was built with FreeType and without t1lib.

With this setting, Xpdf will use FreeType instead of t1lib to rasterize
Type 1 fonts. With recent versions of FreeType, the Type 1 quality is
as good or better than t1lib, so this should not present any problems.

Vendor Information

We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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