NetBSD Information for VU#146718

Sendmail fails to handle malformed multipart MIME messages



Vendor Statement

In response to this and previous issues, Sendmail was removed entirely from the NetBSD-current base system on 2006-05-30. The default MTA has been switched to Postfix. These changes will be included in NetBSD 4.0 and later releases in order to minimise the risk and maintenance burden for any future sendmail issues.

Sendmail remains in the base distribution for the presently maintained release branches, NetBSD 2.* and 3.*, and fixes for this issue have been applied. Sendmail remains as a supported MTA for users of all NetBSD versions (and many other platforms) via pkgsrc.

Details of these fixes and further advice has been published in NetBSD Security Advisory 2006-017.

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We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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