Cryptlib Information for VU#845620

Multiple RSA implementations fail to properly handle signatures


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Vendor Statement

Although cryptlib shouldn't be vulnerable to the original Bleichenbacher attack, there is ongoing discussion about further attacks that affect any RSA keys with e=3. Because the security community currently doesn't know how serious the problem is, cryptlib users should disable the use of any RSA keys with e=3 by changing the check 'if( BN_get_word( e ) < 3 )' in initCheckRSAkey() in context/kg_rsa.c to 'if( BN_get_word( e ) < 17 )'. Note that this will disable the use of a small number of existing keys that use e=3 (although cryptlib itself will never generate or use private keys with this

value), but until the exact nature of the problem is fully understood this is the only safe fix.

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The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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