Alcatel-Lucent Information for VU#800113

Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning



Vendor Statement

Alcatel-Lucent is continuously taking actions to make its products and the environments in which they are deployed secure. We are gathering information on this vulnerability and taking all necessary steps to reduce the risk for its customers. Currently the following statements can be made

- Most of our products are not impacted directly by this DNS vulnerability.
- New developments will take into account the required actions to avoid this vulnerability.
- When required, customers are urged to apply the corresponding operating system patches.
- Regarding the VitalQIP product, registered customers can find more details at (document 08-0555,08-0562, 08-0565).

For further information contact your Alcatel-Lucent customer support representative
The Alcatel-Lucent PSIRT website can be found here :

Vendor Information

We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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