SUSE Linux Information for VU#800113

Multiple DNS implementations vulnerable to cache poisoning



Vendor Statement

SUSE Linux products include bind, powerdns-recursor and dnsmasq
as name servers.

An update for bind is available as online update since 2008-07-10
and we posted the SUSE-SA:2008:033 advisory to:

The last powerdns-recursor security update from May also added
random UDP source-ports which should make it not vulnerable to the
new attack Dan Kaminsky found.

The DNS forwarder dnsmasq does not emit recursive queries and
is therefore not vulnerable as far as we know. Additionally
dnsmasq will be fixed to use a CPRNG for generating the TRXID
and the UDP source-port.

Vendor Information

We are not aware of further vendor information regarding this vulnerability.

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