OpenLDAP Information for VU#258905

Multiple implementations of LDAP Directory Server vulnerable to buffer overflow


Not Affected

Vendor Statement

The OpenLDAP Project has evaluated

    • OpenLDAP Software 2.2.17 (current "stable" version) and
    • OpenLDAP Software 2.2.19 (current "release" version)

as well as development and release engineering sources, as distributed by the OpenLDAP Project. We found that long attribute names in LDAP request PDUs do not cause a buffer overflow, nor even lead to unexpected behavior (regardless of whether the long attribute name is defined or not in the subschema).

The OpenLDAP Project did not evaluate older versions of OpenLDAP Software. As these versions are no longer maintained by the OpenLDAP Project, the OpenLDAP Project recommends (irregardless of this issue) that users of these versions consider upgrading to a current version.

The OpenLDAP Project also did not evaluate any 3rd party software, including software based upon (in any fashion) OpenLDAP Software.

Vendor Information

The vendor has not provided us with any further information regarding this vulnerability.

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